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For years, the people of KAMINWANAGA have lived by specific rules and traditions, but the birth of a feisty, determined and resilient young girl would shake up the whole village.

Her curiosity about the world beyond KAMINWANAGA and determination not to be a statistic leads to a series of life-altering events that causes her to grow into the woman who would change the course of history for her people. 

About Author

Stella Damasus is a Nigerian actress based in the United States of America; she has been in the entertainment industry for over two decades and has since been considered one of Africa’s most famous film actresses. She is the CEO of ADIVA Networks, a media and publishing company which publishes ADIVA Magazine and other Film and TV content. Stella’s zeal to fight for the rights of women, young girls and children worldwide led her to establish the Stella Damasus Arts Foundation; through which she provides economic, intellectual, and emotional support to society, using the Arts as a primary tool. As an Advocate and Philanthropist, Stella has worked with several organizations like World Bank, Women4Women, Project Alert, WFP (World Food Program) and many more. 


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